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Stephen Sokoler
President & CEO
Altrum Honors
Stephen A. Sokoler is the Founder, President & CEO of Altrum Group, the global market leader in the financial deal gift industry. He manages the day-to-day operations, strategy, and vision of the Firm.

Working in the award business began for Stephen in 2002 at The Award Group. While there, he successfully ran all four of the company’s divisions and increased sales by over 200% in 5 years. In October 2007, Stephen purchased the assets of The Award Group’s Financial Division and created Icon Recognition. Stephen grew Icon Recognition into the third largest company in its industry and spearheaded its acquisition of The Gifted Portfolio and Don McDonald. Through this consolidation, Stephen rolled up the second, third, and fourth largest companies in the financial deal gift space, creating Altrum Group, the global leader with over 35% market share.

Since it’s formation in December 2009, Altrum Group has grown over 50% and, to complement their New York and London offices, Altrum Group has opened offices in Montreal, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Stephen recently returned from Sydney, where he lived for several months while opening the Australia office and overseeing the development of the Hong Kong office.

Stephen is an entrepreneur whose business ventures began at a young age. He created many successful businesses growing up and in college co-founded Corporate Event Management, producing concerts, special events, and corporate functions. In 2006 Stephen was the Founder and Managing Partner of Society Bar & Restaurant in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Stephen graduated with honors from New York University’s Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance and International Business. He was a Stern Founder’s Scholar, which provided him with business trips to England, France, and Italy, as well as a 5 months studying in Madrid. Stephen enjoys travel, reading, exercise, and basketball, and currently lives in downtown New York City.

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