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CEO and Co-Founder
Ajax Union
Joe Apfelbaum, brings more than thirteen years to the online business, technology and marketing community. Serving as CEO and Co-Founder of Ajax Union,, he has been featured on Fox Business Network and Fox Business News and was selected by Google as a Certified Google Trainer. Using his humor and candor to address a wide range of topics that cover Online Marketing & Business Development including Search Engine Optimization; SEO, Pay-Per-Click; PPC, Social Media and Web Development, Joe has educated thousands to improve upon their business and online success. Follow Joe on twitter at @joeapfelbaum»
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President & CEO
David Kutoff is the owner, president and CEO of MPC.

MPC (formerly known as Materials Processing Corporation) is an innovative asset disposition and risk management business setting the standard for secure, zero-landfill electronics recycling and remarketing. Founded in 1983, MPC is dedicated to ensuring that its clients maximize value, meet sustainability initiatives and mitigate risk in how they manage the disposition of IT assets, electronics and other equipment.

With facilities in Minnesota and Philadelphia, MPC proudly holds R2, e-Stewards, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications and is a member of NAID.

He attended the University of St. Thomas, with majors in entrepreneurship and finance.»
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Governing Dynamics
Alex is a Serial Founder & Angel Investor in 50+ startups.

Born into Communism, reared under Socialism, and now thriving under Capitalism, Alex Mashinsky has become one of the most recognized figures in the New York entrepreneurial scene. As the Managing Partner of Governing Dynamics, an early stage venture capital firm, Alex founded several companies including GroundLink in 2005, Transit Wireless in 2004, Elematics in 2000, and Arbinet in 1996. Combining the unique talents of business strategist and technological innovator Alex is continuing to invent new web & communications technologies. A featured speaker at over 120 international communications conferences and TV interviews, and the author of over 50 patents relating to exchanges, VOIP, messaging and communication.

Alex has received numerous awards for innovation including being nominated twice by E&Y as entrepreneur of the year in 2002 & 2011, Crain's 2010 Top Entrepreneur and the prestigious 2000 Albert Einstein Technology medal and the Technology Foresight Award for Innovation (presented in Geneva at Telecom 99).

Alex is considered to be one of the pioneers of VOIP, with foundational patents dating back to 1994 many of today's hardware and software designs originated from these early ideas. As the leading evangelist of web based exchanges alex authored patents that cover aspects of the Smart Grid , Ad exchanges, Groupon, Twitter, Skype, App Store and many other top performing web companies.

Alex has proven his ability to identify winning trends, build a powerful intellectual property portfolio and bring together winning teams to build world-class companies. He has raised over $250m in venture and private equity funds to help position his startups as leaders in their fields. Arbinet fundraising was documented in an HBS case study in 2001.»
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Ted Myerson is the Founder and CEO of FTEN, a NASDAQ OMX Company. As CEO, Ted manages all strategic and operational functions from global business development to industry/regulatory relations to client services.

Ted began his career at Kaufman, Rossin, & Co. as an auditor for hedge fund clients. After learning what it took to manage a successful fund from the inside out, Ted set out to start his own hedge fund, Sterling Securities. As a Partner at Sterling, Ted was responsible for developing the firm's technology infrastructure. With his foresight and vision, Ted positioned Sterling as one of the earliest adopters of Direct Market Access (DMA) technology.

After Sterling, Ted Co-Founded ECN Access Europe, a first-to-market technology company in Europe that provided a robust Direct Market Access (DMA) platform for access to liquidity markets around the globe. As President, Ted's leadership drove the company to capitalize on the growing demand for electronic trading and international market access prompting many of Europe's banks to adopt their innovative trading technology.

Taking his deep experience in hedge fund management, DMA technology and global market access, Ted founded FTEN in 2001 with a focus on innovation, agility and client relationships. As a testament to FTEN's impact on the securities market under Ted's leadership, FTEN technology currently process millions of transactions globally, including over 20% of the entire US equities daily volume and over $100 billion in intra-day risk calculations. FTEN was recognized as a top fifty Inc 500 fast growing software company with revenue growth of 4,531% over the last three years. FTEN was acquired by NASDAQ OMX in 2010.

Ted Myerson received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with double majors in Accounting and Finance from the University of Miami. As a widely recognized expert in low latency, high volume order routing systems and risk management technology, Ted is a frequently featured speaker at leading financial industry conferences worldwide.

Ted is co-inventor of two granted United States patents and numerous pending United States and international patents: United States Patent Number 7,778,915 which relates to real-time risk management and surveillance was issued in 2010; United States Patent Number 8,010,442 which relates to cross-market systemic risk management was issued in 2011.

He resides in New York City with his wife and daughter.»
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Change is coming to the TV industry. Avner Ronen, with his company Boxee, is making sure of it.

Since 2008, Ronen has been forcing TV execs to reevaluate how they think about TV, standing up to industry giants Comcast, NBC, ABC and HDNet owner, Mark Cuban. Named one of Rolling Stone’s Top Agents of Change, Ronen is the Internet generation's everyman - fighting to make personalized, Internet-delivered TV a reality - bringing video from everywhere, to any device, at any time.

A serial entrepreneur, Ronen has spoken around the globe about the future of TV. His candid approach to rethinking TV has made him a sought-after presence for places like SxSW, CES, The Paley Center for Media, MIPcom and the World Economic Forum, among hundreds of others.»
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Cellfish Media LLC
M. Sergent is a Media and Internet entrepreneur who founded Cellfish Media LLC in 2004, led multi-branded properties to market and launched the world’s first wireless record label, Blingtones (2005), all while generating over nine-figure revenue marks annually for the company.

In 1994 he founded one of the first web agencies in France, Studio Grolier and then launched Club-Internet, enrolling over 1 million subscribers and becoming the second largest Internet audience and second largest Internet company in revenue size in France by 2001.

M.Sergent is also a Member of the Board of the Mobile Giving Foundation, the first foundation enabling text to give programs in the US.»
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President & CEO
Altrum Honors
Stephen A. Sokoler is the Founder, President & CEO of Altrum Group, the global market leader in the financial deal gift industry. He manages the day-to-day operations, strategy, and vision of the Firm.

Working in the award business began for Stephen in 2002 at The Award Group. While there, he successfully ran all four of the company’s divisions and increased sales by over 200% in 5 years. In October 2007, Stephen purchased the assets of The Award Group’s Financial Division and created Icon Recognition. Stephen grew Icon Recognition into the third largest company in its industry and spearheaded its acquisition of The Gifted Portfolio and Don McDonald. Through this consolidation, Stephen rolled up the second, third, and fourth largest companies in the financial deal gift space, creating Altrum Group, the global leader with over 35% market share.

Since it’s formation in December 2009, Altrum Group has grown over 50% and, to complement their New York and London offices, Altrum Group has opened offices in Montreal, Hong Kong, and Sydney. Stephen recently returned from Sydney, where he lived for several months while opening the Australia office and overseeing the development of the Hong Kong office.

Stephen is an entrepreneur whose business ventures began at a young age. He created many successful businesses growing up and in college co-founded Corporate Event Management, producing concerts, special events, and corporate functions. In 2006 Stephen was the Founder and Managing Partner of Society Bar & Restaurant in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

Stephen graduated with honors from New York University’s Stern School of Business with a degree in Finance and International Business. He was a Stern Founder’s Scholar, which provided him with business trips to England, France, and Italy, as well as a 5 months studying in Madrid. Stephen enjoys travel, reading, exercise, and basketball, and currently lives in downtown New York City.»
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Co-Founder and Co-President
Edward has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology and services industry. In 1996, Edward co-founded Net@Work, offering a service oriented approach to IT and network support. Net@Work has since grown into the United States' largest SAGE Software reseller of accounting/ ERP, CRM, HRMS and business management software. Through organic growth bolstered by a number of strategic acquisitions, Net@Work fields a team of more than 150 employees including consultants, developers, and network engineers. In addition to business applications, Net@Work consults on IT infrastructure, custom programming, document management, ECM, and eCommerce solutions.

As an owner of an emerging business, Edward completely understands the value of executive level involvement-and its contribution to a project's ultimate success-from the earliest planning stages through completion and beyond. Edward has been personally involved in numerous large-scale deployments. In addition to providing leadership, Edward's involvement lets clients know they are always receiving Net@Work's fullest attention and best resources. Currently, Edward spends a majority of his time at business development and strategic planning. In 2003, Edward co-founded Docutrend, a document management software and hardware company. Edward received his MBA in Finance from Baruch College, NY.»
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Sorin Royer Cooper
David Sorin, a co-founding partner of Sorin Royer Cooper, primarily focuses his practice on privately- and publicly-owned emerging growth, technology, and life science enterprises, as well as the investors, executives, and boards of directors who support and lead them.

Dave has a long track record of successful representation of growth companies, having been repeatedly recognized by well-known periodicals for a unique combination of legal acumen and sound business judgment. He also brings to bear his broad range of knowledge and experience in counseling enterprises and investors in diverse emerging growth markets, technology industries, and life sciences.

Many of the companies he has represented are well-known names throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.»
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TechStars NYC
David is the Managing Director of TechStars NYC. TechStars NYC has funded 23 companies, who have then went on to raise more than $50m in funding. David is also the Managing Member of Box Group, a New York City based seed-stage angel capital firm.

As an investor or advisor, David has worked with over 50 startups including GroupMe (sold to Skupe), Boxee,,, adStruc, CrowdTwist, Goodsie, OnSwipe, SkillShare and DataMinr. David was recently named to Mayor Bloomberg’s Advisory Council on Technology.

Prior to joining TechStars, David served as Executive Vice President of Interactive Strategies at kgb, a global information services company. While at kgb, David founded and lead, a social aggregation startup within kgb.»
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In 2009, young entrepreneur Matt Wiener started believing he could offer incredible deals every day.

We scour the world until we're very, very tired seeking the very best deals we can possibly grab so that you, the customer, get savings you never dreamed of! Our deals are so ridiculous you'll think we really did steal our items! (But we didn't! No matter what you hear about ear warmer smuggling rings or exotic waffle maker heists).»
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