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Ted Myerson
Ted Myerson is the Founder and CEO of FTEN, a NASDAQ OMX Company. As CEO, Ted manages all strategic and operational functions from global business development to industry/regulatory relations to client services.

Ted began his career at Kaufman, Rossin, & Co. as an auditor for hedge fund clients. After learning what it took to manage a successful fund from the inside out, Ted set out to start his own hedge fund, Sterling Securities. As a Partner at Sterling, Ted was responsible for developing the firm's technology infrastructure. With his foresight and vision, Ted positioned Sterling as one of the earliest adopters of Direct Market Access (DMA) technology.

After Sterling, Ted Co-Founded ECN Access Europe, a first-to-market technology company in Europe that provided a robust Direct Market Access (DMA) platform for access to liquidity markets around the globe. As President, Ted's leadership drove the company to capitalize on the growing demand for electronic trading and international market access prompting many of Europe's banks to adopt their innovative trading technology.

Taking his deep experience in hedge fund management, DMA technology and global market access, Ted founded FTEN in 2001 with a focus on innovation, agility and client relationships. As a testament to FTEN's impact on the securities market under Ted's leadership, FTEN technology currently process millions of transactions globally, including over 20% of the entire US equities daily volume and over $100 billion in intra-day risk calculations. FTEN was recognized as a top fifty Inc 500 fast growing software company with revenue growth of 4,531% over the last three years. FTEN was acquired by NASDAQ OMX in 2010.

Ted Myerson received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with double majors in Accounting and Finance from the University of Miami. As a widely recognized expert in low latency, high volume order routing systems and risk management technology, Ted is a frequently featured speaker at leading financial industry conferences worldwide.

Ted is co-inventor of two granted United States patents and numerous pending United States and international patents: United States Patent Number 7,778,915 which relates to real-time risk management and surveillance was issued in 2010; United States Patent Number 8,010,442 which relates to cross-market systemic risk management was issued in 2011.

He resides in New York City with his wife and daughter.

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